The Ungnaturkraft- Expedition Kebnekaise project

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The project’s main activities

Outpatient care for youth through outdoor / bushcraft and nature experiences in the group.

Project Description

Ungnaturkraft offers a new concept of young people with social destructive behaviors / or in need of change of scenery.

The lack of employment for young people with psycho-social, destructive and anti-social problems often leads to crime, gangs and drug problems. For children / adolescents in the risk zone of this problem it is difficult to evolve and adapt to the demands of society. By participating in the project, the children / youth learn to trust their own abilities and resources, and to trust others in their environment. The adolescents who participate in the group must also undergo outdoor skills and technical training.

This will lead to that they will hopefully find another meaningful activity and or employment, and help young people to find the right way in society.

Outdoor activities have shown to have a good outcome for all people, especially for children and young people from vulnerable groups. Participation in the project means that young people have the opportunity for a continuous activity. Through their participation in the group we hope to strengthen their self-esteem in groups and practice to plan and even get a chance to complete an objective. The project may also give the youth the tools and knowledge to carry out their own activities in the future.

With a successful pilot project, there are also plans to work with unaccompanied refugee children and family projects.


The purpose of the project is to get young people to raise their self-esteem because they are actually able to handle themselves in an environment that is unknown for them and at the same time challenging.

–  Learning to trust others.

– Creating an interest in nature.

–  Learn how to plan and carry out various activities.

–  Take a needed break from the destructive environments.

–  To give young people the tools they need to stay in the outdoor     environment through outdoor technical training.


We are working to provide youth with the skills needed to carry out the expedition. This means they will learn how to cook in the outdoors, clothing, navigation and other outdoor technical skills and the importance of good health.  All young people will keep a journal and document with pictures. They will also be blogging about their experiences. They will help plan and implement various activities during the project.

We will use the book ”Hiking in Ostergotland”, ”Voyage – meeting – human – nature” and other literature and maps.

The participants will when they have completed the project receive a diploma.

Financing will be done through donations, sponsors from different companies. So if you feel like helping the project please contact me for further discussion in the matter.

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Adrian Clarke

Utbildade mig till fritidsledare 1997 och valde naturinriktning då naturen är en av mina största passioner.

Har sedan dess kompletterat med universitets studier i utomhus pedagogik.

Arbetar idag med ungdomar som har halkat lite snett i livet. I mitt arbete använder jag gärna friluftsliv och naturen som metod.

Detta får ni även följa under våren med Expedition-Kebnekaise.

Jag hjälper även Johan på Nordic Bushcraft med kurser som assisterande instruktör.

Hoppas ni kommer att tycka om att följa arbetet med ungdomarna, men även mina egna äventyr.

Ni kan även följa mina filmer på Youtube (Ungnaturkraft)


Adrian Clarke